With some of the world’s leading beverage alcohol brands, including the likes of Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Ciroc Vodka, and Crown Royal, Diageo’s brands are the touchstones of celebratory moments the world over. In this unique position, Diageo's purpose is to celebrate life, every day and everywhere. In honoring that unique role in society, that goal extends to the company's impact on people and the environment. In doing so, Diageo is dedicated to the belief that maximizing positive impact on society is critical to this purpose and as such has been examining its impact on alcohol in society, water quality, and other key issues. These goals and achievements are detailed in the company's 2012 Sustainability & Responsibility report.

Diageo's report highlights the company's progress within its own operations and those of its suppliers, as well as its efforts to reach out to consumers. Their top achievements include a new bio-energy facility in Scotland that cleans wastewater and uses distillery byproducts to produce green energy, and an award-winning responsible drinking campaign that aims to promote responsible drinking world-wide.

Responsible drinking

Promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol is crucial to Diageo's business and the company's code of ethics. Diageo has helped pioneer the responsible marketing of alcoholic beverages online, ensuring that these products are only marketed to adults of legal drinking age and committing to portrayals of alcohol usage that don't encourage abuse. Consumers can get tips and information about how to drink responsibly at DRINKiQ.com, Diageo's interactive educational website.

Other safe drinking efforts include training bartenders to know when to stop serving to customers to avoid dangerous intoxication levels, and working with government agencies to reduce drunk driving in markets around the world.

Water and the environment

Water is another major focus area for Diageo. To produce its many brands of alcoholic beverages, including Smirnoff vodka, Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky, Bailey's liqueur and Guinness beer, Diageo facilities consume and process millions of gallons of water annually. That means every decision Diageo makes about water efficiency and quality can have a tremendous impact on the communities and ecosystems where the company operates.

In addition to providing drinking water to its communities through bore holes, water filters and rainwater harvesting, Diageo has made innovative technological improvements that save water in its operations. A new bottle-pasteurizing system saves 60,000 cubic meters of water a year, roughly equal to the amount that would be used annually by 3,000 people. At a Guinness facility in Nigeria, a new membrane-filtration system has improved water usage rates and trimmed the amount of waste sent to the landfill by 500 tons per year.

Diageo works with its suppliers to help them improve their sustainability performance. This extends to all goods and services purchased by Diageo, including packaging materials, distribution, electricity, water and agricultural products like wheat, barley, corn and hops. In Africa, the company aims to source 70% of its raw materials locally.

Learn more about these efforts and the rest of Diageo's social and environmental achievements at DiageoReports.com.

Responsible drinking and water-smart innovations among highlights of Diageo's annual report
Diageo, maker of popular alcoholic beverages, details social responsibility and sustainability achievements in its 2012 report.