How much do you know about responsible drinking? Are you curious about the ingredients in different alcoholic beverages? Are you interested in learning how to reduce drunk driving, underage drinking, and other forms of alcohol misuse? At Diageo's DRINKiQ website, you can learn about all of these things and more. You will find guides for educators, law enforcement, parents, and retailers - and you will also get tips on how to enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages and have a good time without putting yourself or others in danger.

Available in more than a dozen languages, with content targeted to specific cultures, DRINKiQ makes it easy to find smart ideas for managing alcohol intake, whether you're running an establishment or simply hosting a party. DRINKiQ users can learn at what times they should avoid alcohol, how to keep track of their own drinking patterns and which mixers speed up the absorption rate of alcohol.

DRINKiQ is interactive. Users can watch videos about a wide range of responsible drinking topics from respected sources such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. They can also contribute their own content in the form of articles and videos.

For Diageo, responsible drinking is a top priority. The company's mandatory Marketing Code requires that its products are marketed in a responsible manner only to adults of legal drinking age in all advertising and marketing material from television commercials to sponsorships. All Diageo employees take the DRINKiQ training course and are encouraged to be ambassadors for safe drinking.

Alcohol can be a fun part of celebrations of all kinds, but it's up to you to enjoy alcoholic beverages safely and responsibly.

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What's your DRINKiQ?
Spirits maker Diageo encourages responsible enjoyment of alcoholic beverages with its DRINKiQ website.