From selecting the perfect whiskey for homemade sauces to making his own charcoal, Adam Perry Lang ensures that every aspect of his authentic barbecue experience is of the highest quality. That's why an important stop along his "Serious Barbecue" tour across the nation— which also explores American craftsmanship — is developing and crafting the greatest steak knife possible.

The tour kicks off at a metalworking shop in Sturgeon, Wisc., where Lang takes a hands-on role in the process of handcrafting knives from Damascus steel, as seen in this video. From there, Lang heads to the George Dickel distillery in Tennessee to learn about the process of producing whiskey that's "handmade the hard way." His work culminates in a barbecue in the back lot of the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" show in Los Angeles.

"For me, I'm into craft," says Lang. "Being a chef, a knife is my tool. I get really into the steel, and that's how I got with my steel mentor, Rick at Door County Forgeworks in Wisconsin. One goal is for me to have the perfect slicing knife to cut with at this back lot barbecue."

"The bottom line is creating things with personality, and with soul, and that are meaningful — in everything. This is a tool that I use every day in barbecue, and I plan to have it my whole life."

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Adam Perry Lang of 'Serious Barbecue' crafts the ultimate artisan steak knife
Chef Adam Perry Lang's adventures in craftsmanship bring him to Wisconsin to design, forge and hammer his own custom steak knife.