As the world’s leading premium drinks company, Diageo is proud of its heritage, its brands, and the positive role which alcohol plays in social occasions and celebrations every day across the globe.

But it's known that some people – albeit a minority – drink too much, and can cause harm to themselves, to others, and to their communities. The social consequences of alcohol misuse are of course a matter of significant concern to a company like Diageo. For these reasons Diageo strives to play an active part in tackling alcohol misuse.

Changing attitudes and behavior on the scale required takes time, and requires the sustained commitment, support and advocacy of multiple stakeholders. Individual drinkers and their families and friends; teachers, doctors, employers and colleagues; NGOs; governments and law enforcers; and of course everyone who makes, markets and sells alcohol all have a role to play.

The video above shows Carolyn Panzer, Diageo's corporate social responsibility director, talking about Diageo-supported programs developed to help prevent alcohol misuse around the world.

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