For a chef who's as serious about barbecue as Adam Perry Lang, what's the perfect sauce? As part of his Serious Barbecue tour across the United States, Lang set out to ensure that every ingredient and tool used in the process was “handmade the hard way.” The tour celebrates American craftsmanship in every aspect of barbecue, from crafting custom knives to selecting the perfect whisky for homemade sauces.

In this video, Lang shares his recipe for a barbecue sauce that can be tailored to your tastes, with a little bit of extra kick. The sauce is made in a smoker for robust flavor, and incorporates honey, vinegar, base barbecue sauce of your choice and George Dickel Tennessee Whisky Number 12 for its distinctive woody flavor.

Lang visited the George Dickel distillery in Tullahoma, Tenn., to sample various whiskies, choosing the one that would best complement the flavors of his barbecued meats.

"If you have a favorite barbecue sauce, what can you do to doctor it up a bit? I like to add in something like whisky,” says Lang. “I love George Dickel Whisky, that's why I partnered up with them. I think they're awesome."

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