Some careers are built on romance, love and relationships, from romcom writers to matchmakers to wedding planners. Actually, never mind careers — whole companies make millions on this ever-elusive aspect of being human. But even the experts don't know much more than the rest of us bumbling lovers.

Maybe we'd all be better off getting our love advice from the people who are brutally honest about everything under the sun: comedians. 

Let's start with the way it used to be. In this blast from the past (April 1967 to be exact) Joan Rivers tells it how it was (is?) for single women looking for love. A classic.

Chris Rock goes into the challenges of long-term relationships and how women communicate their ... love. (And might want to use the earbuds for this one, since Rock uses some colorful language.)

Olivia Munn's relationship advice is (very) short and (not very) sweet. But (very) true. 

Mike Birbiglia discusses what he's most afraid of in a relationship — it's large and furry, and not what you think (skip to the 4:20 mark). 

Amy Schumer has the perfect solution for her new boyfriend, who looks just like one of the guys on "The Hills Have Eyes."  

Billy Connolly sings about how he misses his special lady in "Tell Laura I Love Her," in this vintage clip that showcases the Scottish comedian's over-the-top musical comedy. 

The inimitable Bill Cosby tells us exactly why marriage is like a game of chess in this brief clip that showcases why he's an American treasure. 

Sarah Silverman tackles how to deal with inter-faith relationships in this anecdote about her boyfriend. 

"I want to keep hanging out with you until one of us dies," is Aziz Ansari's hilarious take on the strange agreement and rituals associated with modern marriage.

And, because truthfully, most of our relationships fail, here's advice from Jerry Seinfeld about the ideal breakup solution.

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10 memorable snippets of relationship advice from comedians
Love can be confusing and heart-wrenching — but it can also be funny!