Every summer has a soundtrack, and every song about summer has its themes. Love and loss. Fun in the sun. Dancing.

We've put together an alphabetical playlist of songs about the hottest time of the year, and we went with the classics — each song is at least 10 years old. We'll let your memory, and the songs, speak for themselves:

1. 'The Boys of Summer': Don Henley, 'Building the Perfect Beast' (1984)

This one, a smash by the former frontman of The Eagles, details the loss of a woman and the passing of summer (or, some suggest, growing older). The video won MTV's Video of the Year.

Money lyric:

I can see you

Your brown skin shining in the sun

You got that hair slicked back

And those Wayfarers on, baby

2. 'Dancing in the Street': Martha & The Vandellas (1964)

Thought by some to be a civil rights call to riot, this Motown single is just what it appears to be: a dance song. Later covered by Van Halen and, in 1985, a David Bowie-Mick Jagger duet.

Money lyric:

Summer’s here and the time is right

For dancing in the street

They're dancing in Chicago

Down in New Orleans

In New York City

3. 'In the Summertime': Mungo Jerry, 'Electronically Tested' (1970)

This debut song by a British rock band employed banjos, an upright bass, glass jugs and other non-rock instruments. It's a catchy toe-tapper that sold more than 6 million copies worldwide.

Money lyric:

In the summertime when the weather is hot

You can stretch right up and touch the sky

When the weather's fine

You got women, you got women on your mind

4. 'In the Sun, Blondie': Blondie, 'Blondie' (1976)

A young Deborah Harry pulsed as the lead singer for this new wave/punk band in its debut album. The song was written by Blondie guitarist and one-time Harry paramour Chris Stein.

Money lyric:

In the sun, it's for everyone

In the sun, were gonna have some fun

In the sun, were gonna shoot the tube

I'll do it for you, my paka lola luau love

5. 'Summer': War (1976)

The California funk band that brought us "Why Can't We Be Friends" and "Low Rider" used some signature bongos, horns and a clear Latin influence for this laid-back summer single.

Money lyric:

In Atlantic City or out in Malibu

Or anywhere between, I'm telling you

When you feel those balmy breezes on your face

Summertime is the best time any place

6. 'Summertime': Beyonce (featuring P. Diddy) (2003)

Written for the Beyonce film "The Fighting Temptations" (though it never appeared in the movie), this hip-hop love song single became a favorite in Queen B's live shows in the early 2000s.

Money lyric:

When you touched my hand (yeah yeah)

The sun got brighter then (brighter then)

Trusting you I closed my eyes

And felt our love begin

7. 'Summertime': DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, 'Homebase' (1991)

Just as he started out in TV's "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," but before his movie career exploded, Will Smith and his mostly silent pal penned this rap ode to cruising and chillin' in Philadelphia.

Money lyric:

Back in Philly we be out in the park

A place called The Plateau is where everybody goes

Guys out hunting and girls doing likewise

Honking at the honey in front of you with the light eyes

She turn around to see what you beeping at

It's like the summer’s a natural aphrodisiac

8. 'Summer Nights': Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta (1978)

This song busted the charts when the stage musical "Grease" hit the silver screen, with Sandy (Newton-John) and Danny (Travolta) recounting different versions of their summer fling to their friends.

Money lyric:

He got friendly holding my hand

Well, she got friendly down in the sand

He was sweet, just turned eighteen

Well, she was good, you know what I mean

Summer heat, boy and girl meet

But, uh oh, those summer nights

9. 'Summertime Blues': Eddie Cochran (1958)

Country star Alan Jackson made this a No. 1 hit single in 1994, but the original is from a rockabilly pioneer who co-wrote this light-hearted song decrying a summer lost to working a job.

Money lyric:

I’m gonna take two weeks, gonna have a fine vacation

I'm gonna take my problem to the United Nations

Well I called my congressman and he said quote

"I'd like to help you son but you're too young to vote"

Sometimes I wonder what I'm a gonna do

But there ain't no cure for the summertime blues

10. 'Under the Boardwalk': The Drifters (1964)

The Drifters gave a nod in this R&B classic to a previous hit, "Up On the Roof," suggesting a cooler summertime getaway for lovers. The single was later covered by the Rolling Stones.

Money lyric:

From the park you hear the happy sound of a carousel

Mm-mm, you can almost taste the hot dogs and French fries they sell

Under the boardwalk, down by the sea

On a blanket with my baby is where I'll be

10 songs that capture the essence of summer
We've put together a playlist of songs about the hottest time of the year.