1. Most “Mythbusters” experiments come with a “Don’t try this at home” caveat, but in the February 1 edition of the Discovery series, they’re making an about face, showcasing scientific conundrums that won’t blow up in your living room. “Mythbusters: Do Try This at Home” allows viewers to safely play along.

2. Not into football? Perhaps you’d rather spend Super Bowl Sunday watching adorable kitties, puppies, or a goldfish, courtesy Hallmark Channel, Animal Planet and Nat Geo Wild, respectively when “Puppy Bowl X,” “Kitten Bowl” and “Fish Bowl” provide alternative programming on February 2.

Beth Stern is hosting the Kitten Bowl (Photo: Brian Friedman/Crown Media)

3. PBS takes an inside look at the world’s tallest buildings in the four-part series “Super Skyscrapers,” beginning February 5 with “One World Trade Center,” the 1776-foot tower located at the former Ground Zero site in Manhattan. Subsequent episodes cover London’s Leadenhall building, known locally as “The Cheese Grater,” China’s Shanghai Tower, and One 57, a 75-story luxury residential tower in Manhattan.

4. In 2003, thousands of skeletons were discovered in a newly opened catacomb beneath Rome, and the quest to find out who they were and what killed them is a fascinating exercise in forensic anthropology and the bass for “The Great Catacomb Mystery,” a special airing on PBS “Nova” February 5.

5. Feline Internet star Lil Bub gets her own Animal Planet special, aptly titled “Lil Bub’s Special Special,” premiering February 8. Andrew W.K., the host of “Party Animals” on the channel, and Amy Sedaris are the guests.

6. The waters of the Pacific Northwest are known as the Graveyard of the Pacific, and you’ll find our why as Weather Channel follows Coast Guard members on their dangerous rescue missions In “Coast Guard Cape Disappointment/Pacific Northwest,” premiering February 9.

7. The red masonry dome that tops Florence, Italy’s cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is an architectural wonder that remains a puzzle to this day: how was the four-million-brick structure built so symmetrically without collapsing? The secret died with architect Filippo Brunelleschi, but in the PBS “Nova” special “The Great Cathedral Mystery,” airing February 12, a team of master builders attempts to create a “mini-Duormo” to uncover how it was done.

The Duomo Cathedaral (Photo: National Geographic Channel)

8. “How to Survive the End of the World: Monster Storm” examines doomsday hypotheses relating to climate change, extreme weather and disastrous natural phenomena. It premieres on National Geographic Channel on February 19.

9. Smithsonian Channel launches a new season of “Aerial America” on February 23 with a bird’s eye view of Texas, focusing on its geography, geology, and history.

10. The search for historical artifacts continues in a new season of “Diggers,” premiering on National Geographic Channel on February 25 with two back-to-back episodes involving the search for a time capsule containing Steve Jobs’ original “Lisa” computer mouse and two long-gone Revolutionary War-era forts.

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