In these financially lean times of increased self-sufficiency and DIY know-how, many of us have taken to learning new skills (or resurrecting dormant ones) to pass the time, entertain others and even make ends meet. When times are tough and resources are limited, it’s always helpful to have a niche talent, right?

Sure, websites like HowCast and Videojug specialize in producing instructional online videos that will teach you how to do things like apply makeup, woo a potential mate and navigate a kitchen like a "Top Chef" contestant. How boooring. Sometimes you might just want to learn how to correctly give a possum a pedicure, make a citizen's arrest, or make iced tea in the creepiest way possible. For those of you overachievers who consider yourself competent in pretty much everything under the sun, here are 10 of our favorite oddball instructional videos collected from around the Internet. Before you watch, just make sure that you’re wearing your trick-storing sleeves and that your tongue is firmly planted in cheek.

How to: 

1. Chair dance to Christmas music:

2. Give a possum a pedicure:


3. Host a Tupperware party:


4. Toilet train a cat:


5. Be a ventriloquist:


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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.