1. Eyewitness accounts along with scientific analysis, real footage, and GGI tell harrowing story of the May 20 category 5 twister that destroyed the town of Moore in the June 2 premiere of “Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster” on Discovery Channel.

2. He’s called Turtleman, but Ernie Brown Jr. wrangles other critters too, and he’s back for a second season of “Call of the Wildman,” premiering June 2 on Animal Planet. In the opening two episodes, he captures a runaway llama, snakes in a swimming pool, a coyote preying on calves, and a nest of skunks.

3. Premiering June 2, Nat Geo Wild’s three-part series “The Wild West” examines the wildlife of the region, from elephant seals to bears, bobcats, salmon, wolves and rattlesnakes, to name a few. “Justified’s” Timothy Olyphant narrates.

4. Was the weather to blame for the Hindenburg, Titanic, and Challenger disasters? If not entirely, it at least played a part, according to the new nine-part series “Weather that Changed the World.” Premiering June 9 on Weather Channel, it employs experts, animation graphics, and reenactments to explore historical events from a weather perspective.

5. “Mountain Men,” back for a second season June 9 on History Channel, follows hunters, trappers, ranchers and others living far off the grid while facing enormous challenges—and predators including mountain lions, wolves and grizzlies.

6. National Geographic launches a weekly two-hour block of “Night of Exploration” programming on June 14 with “Crossing the Ice,” which chronicles two Australians’ journey to the South Pole, followed by “Mystery Bear of the Arctic,” involving a hunter, animal forensics, and a possible new species. Alec Baldwin hosts the Friday night series.

7. “Fish Tank Kings” restore an aquarium at a rehab center for sea turtles called he Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, in June 8 episode of the Nat Geo Wild series.

8. Three teams of three strangers have “72 Hours” to tackle some of the world’s most challenging terrain in a race for a $100,000 prize in TNT’s new reality competition, premiering June 6 on TNT. There’s a new cast and new location every week, starting with Fiji’s breathtaking Yasawa Islands.

9. In another reality survival experiment, “Naked & Afraid” strands a man and a woman--who don’t know each other--without clothes, food, or water for 21 days. The new Discovery’s series premieres June 23.

10. Nat Geo gets clinical about sexual behavior in “Sex: How it Works,” examining the elements attraction, arousal, and orgasm from a scientific point of view. It premieres June 18.

11. The parenting skills of protective papa and mama penguins are explored in Nat Geo Wild’s Father’s Day special “A Penguin’s Life,” premiering June 16.

12. The little-seen landscapes and rare wildlife—giant pandas included--of remote China are the subject of the three-hour Nat Geo Wild special ”Wild China,” debuting June 30.

12 TV shows to watch in June
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