In my opinion, South Park is one of the smartest shows on TV. Once you get past the profanity and crude jokes, you'll find smart and insightful commentary on society and the world at large. Because they're able to turn around an episode in just a few days, they're able to be sharply topical and timely. There aren't many things they haven't turned their acerbic lens on over their 13 seasons (and counting); they've ripped on religion, politics (both sides of the aisle), big business, small business, science, atheists, celebrities, Walmart, politicians, media and the environment. They seem to take especial glee in bashing the environment, even though they actually seem to be pretty hip to green. Maybe it's exactly because they seem green that they lavish such attention on it.

Either way, it's the environmental movement that benefits. It's good and healthy to laugh at ourselves, and there are definite lessons to take away — like don't be so damn smug driving around in your hybrid!

South Park runs on cable and as such, has loose standards for the applications of swears. If you're easily offended by the use of the F, S, B, A, or T words, this video might be more up your alley because South Park uses them aplenty. Needless to say, many of these are not safe for work. You've been duly warned.

From Rain forest Shmainforest 

American Loggers 

The kids from South Park get lost in the rain forest with their environmentalist teacher (played by Jennifer Aniston), and Cartman breaks off from the group only to stumble on a crew of loggers.

God Damn Stupid Ass Rain forest

Cartman saves the day and rolls in to save his teacher and friends with the help of some good ol' American loggers driving big loud bulldozers.

From Cherokee Hair Tampons 

The citizens of South Park get a little caught up in the craze around all-natural medicines.


Miss Information

Kyle gets sick and his mom takes him to the local natural products store, Miss Information, to get his cure — a good cleansing dose of cayenne pepper and lemon juice to flush out the toxins.

From Whale Whores 

Stan takes to the high seas as captain of a pirate ship dedicated to fighting off Japanese whaling boats, all while reality TV cameras roll. Cartman discovers a love for whales that coincides with his love of being on reality TV.

The Dolphin Encounter

Stan takes a swim with the dolphins for his birthday only to watch as things go terribly, terribly wrong.

Go and Hug a Tree

Cartman just doesn't give a bleep.

Poker Face

Cartman puts his karaoke skills to the test with a rocking rendition of Lady Gaga's Poker Face as Stan takes to the seas to save the whales.

The Real Bombers

Japan learns who really dropped the atomic bombs on them during World War II and become regular, just like us.

From Imaginationland III 

The border between the real world and Imaginationland gets fuzzy.

Al Gore Finds Manbearpig

Al Gore spots Manbearpig in video footage from an attack at the Imaginationland portal. He was right the whole time but we didn't listen. We didn't listen.

From Manbearpig 

Manbearpig is half man, half bear, half pig and is a threat to our very existence. The only man who can save us is none other than Al Gore.

Awareness of Manbearpig

Al Gore comes to town to raise awareness of the dangers of Manbearpig — half man, half bear, half pig.

Al Gore is Super Awesome

Gore gives a speech to the kids at South Park Elementary about the very serious issue of Manbearpig. He's totally cereal.

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Shea Gunther is a podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur living in Portland, Maine. He hosts the popular podcast "Marijuana Today Daily" and was a founder of Renewable Choice Energy, the country's leading provider of wind credits and Green Options. He plays a lot of ultimate frisbee and loves bad jokes.

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