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From Smug Alert 

South Park is threatened by a menacing cloud of smug after many of the town’s citizens buy hybrid cars and adopt self-righteous attitudes toward those in conventional cars.


Kyle's dad gets a hybrid car and drives around town letting everyone know how much better he is for it.

SUV Tickets

Taking smug to whole new level, Mr. Broflovski drags his kids along to give Awareness Citations to SUVs parked in the South Park mall.

Come on, People Now

Desperate to raise the environmental awareness of South Park high enough to lure back the Broflovski family who fled for the more enlightened environs of San Francisco, Stan writes an environmental ballad that takes the town by storm.

Smug 2006

South Park digs out from the great smug storm of 2006 and realizes they're not ready to drive hybrid cars without being complete jerks about it.

From Free Willzyx 

Kyle gets punked by some bored aquarium workers and comes up with a plan to fly an orca whale to the moon.

Jambu Speaks

Kyle first hears Jambu the Killer Whale speak, setting off a crazy series of events that would ultimately see the orca land on the moon.

Whale of a Pun

If there's something local newscasters love, it's a good pun. If there's something South Park loves to do, it's make fun of local newscasters.

From Douche and Turd 

After PETA steps in and protests their school mascots, the schoolchildren of South Park Elementary need to pick between two less-than-perfect candidates — a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

Mascot Nominations

Mr. Mackey drives off a PETA activist as the class votes for a new school mascot.

Pep Rally With PETA

PETA sure knows how to ruin a perfectly good rally.

Puff Daddy Kills Peta

The PETA camp is invaded by Puff Daddy and his crew who are hunting for Stan because he wouldn't vote for either a giant douche or a turd sandwich.

Kill Me

South Park's PETA loves animals. I mean, they REALLY love animals. Stan finds out how much when he stumbles upon PETA's gated compound and meets the offspring of a PETA member and her ostrich husband.

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