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From Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow

In this episode that manages to spoof the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, global warming, AND Kanye West, Stan and Cartman flood the nearby town of Beaverton when they run a speed boat into a beaver dam. Because they kept quiet about their role in the disaster, the townspeople blame global warming and do very little to help the stranded citizens of Beaverton.

Who To Blame

After the world's largest beaver dam is breached by Stan and Cartman, the town of Beaverton is flooded. Instead of helping the trapped people of Beaverton, the citizens of South Park try to figure out whose fault it all is.

Randy's Theory

Stan's father Randy warns the world's leaders that global warming could turn into a catastrophe "the likes of which we've never seen" and that even worse, it will happen two days before the day after tomorrow. Be afraid.

We Didn't Listen!

Global warming hits South Park fast and hard and citizens don't know where to flee. We didn't listen. We DIDN'T LISTEN!!

I Broke the Dam!

Stan tried to do the right thing and take the blame for the beaver dam breach but the adults of the town misinterpret his words (as they often do) and all take a share of the blame for breaking the dam. I too broke the dam.

From Die Hippie, Die 

South Park is invaded by hippies who dig its small mountain charms, much to the consternation of Cartman, who warns the town mayor that a large enough infestation could trigger a hippie music jam festival. His fear becomes fully realized and the town is taken over by a sea of hippies looking to change the world, right after they jam out to some righteous grooves.

Hippie Infestation

Cartman moonlights as a hippie exterminator, giving him a first-hand view on the growing problem of invading hippies.

College Know it all Hippies

The most dangerous kind of hippie, the “college know it all” hippie discovers the small mountain town of South Park and gets right the work teaching the kids all about the problems with “The Corporations.”

Hippie Jam Fest 2005

Cartman's nightmare scenario comes true when a huge hippie music jam festival, the largest in the history of man, descends on their town. Phish shows up to help the crowd start changing the world, one crunchy groove at a time.

Lazy Hippies

Stan and Kyle get fed up after watching their hippie mentors spend six days smoking pot and dancing to jammy tunes and start to think that they may not actually know it all.

Stan’s Speech

Stan storms the stage at the Hippie Music Jam Festival and does his best to spur the hippies to actual action, to little effect.

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