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From Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes

Wall-Mart (get it?) comes to South Park (built on top of Starks Pond) and the citizens quickly fall in thrall to the giant house of discount. The boys discover a malevolent force behind the corporate chain and set off on a grand quest to take it down.

Wall-Mart opens

Wall-Mart opens its doors for the first time and the town pours in, overwhelmed with the crazy bargains. Three copies of Time Cop for $18 anyone?

It Can Hear You

The people of South Park confront the manager of Wall-Mart after deciding they didn't like having the store in their town and find out who really runs the store: It.

Wall-Mart Implodes

Stan and Kyle figure out how to destroy the Wall-Mart, but can they make it to the TV department to destroy its heart before the Wall-Mart stops them?

The Same Mistake

With the Wall-Mart destroyed, the citizens pause to reflect upon the lessons learned during their adventures in big retail and end up repeating the cycle all over again.

From Fun with Veal

After Stan learns that veal is actually little tortured baby cows during a school field trip to the local slaughterhouse, he jumps into action to save a herd of calves and ends up in a showdown with the authorities. His crew of fourth-grade eco-terrorists jump in full force, eschewing meat and getting sick from an insufficiently balanced vegetarian diet.

Slaughter House

Leave it to the teachers of South Park Elementary to plan a field trip to the slaughterhouse. While taking a tour of the facilities, the boys witness the horrors of the slaughter and the existence of veal, also known as little tortured baby cows.

Mission Impossible

Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Butters go all Mission Impossible-style to rescue a herd of little baby cows from their impending slaughter.

Stan Stops Eating Meat

In for a penny, in for a pound. Stan gives up eating meat and goes vegetarian. Cartman makes a cannibal out of a baby calf.


Stan's vegetarian diet wreaks havoc on his body, giving him an acute case of vaginitis.

From Behind the Blow

The boys’ favorite TV stars Terrance and Phillip are brought back together to play at South Park's Earth Day Brainwashing Festival, but as usual, fate steps in to throw some monkey wrenches into the plans. Can they get Terrance and Phillip back together before the Earth Day Brainwashing Organizers call for their heads?

Earth Day Brainwashing Festival

To get out of having to set up for the Earth Day Brainwashing Festival, the boys commit to talking Terrance and Phillip into performing at the event. They’d better — Earth Day people can be very unforgiving.

Work, Work Children

After failing to land Terrance AND Phillip for the South Park Earth Day Brainwashing Festival, the boys are threatened by the Earth Day people and resign themselves to heading north to Canada to track down Phillip.

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