Sleeping bag on your shopping list this year? You’re in luck. These days, sleeping bags are more than just coziness and functional zippers. Below you'll find a roundup of some of the weirdest — let's call them unique — sleeping bags out there.

1. The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

A woman in a sleeping bag shaped like a tauntaunHow else will you survive a night on Hoth? (Photo: Ayleen Gaspar/flickr)

Remember that scene in "The Empire Strikes Back" when Hans Solo saves Luke Skywalker's life on the freezing planet Hoth by slitting open the belly of a dead tauntaun and stuffing him inside? Well now you can own your very own tauntaun (minus the smelly, slimy guts, although the interior does feature pictures of tauntaun intestines. Made by ThinkGeek, the sleeping bag was originally marketed as an April Fools' prank, one of the many fictional products ThinkGeek offered on on April 1. When a customer clicked on the Buy Now icon, Happy April Fools' Day flashed across the screen. But unlike most of the company's fictional products (including the Do it Yourselfie 360-Degree Selfie Rig), the Tauntaun sleeping bag was something customers actually wanted to own — thus the tauntaun sleeping bag was born. A perfect gift for the "Star Wars" buff in your life.

2. Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag

Manufactured by Alite, a company that specializes in outdoor gear, this sarcastically named sleeping bag allows you to get up and walk around comfortably, with holes for your arms and cut outs for your legs. Perfect for … well I'm not sure when ... but it's definitely perfect.

3. Giant slice of pizza

A woman asleep in a pizza-shaped sleeping bagThe toppings for this pizza sleeping bag are sold separately, just like a slice of pizza you can actually eat. (Photo: Bfiberandcraft/Etsy)

If you're a kicker when you sleep, this bag is not for you. That's because, like a slice of pizza, it gets narrower at the bottom. This Etsy sleeping bag features a clever "crust" pillow, and you can even buy veggie or pepperoni pillows to go along with it. In fact, the whole shop makes me hungry since it features other offerings such as a waffle sheet set or a potato bean bag chair. The only problem I foresee is having an unbelievable craving for a slice every time you slip inside the sleeping bag.

4. Giant Bear

Imagine sleeping with a giant teddy bear. No wait — imagine sleeping in a giant bear, because that's exactly what you’ll be doing with this one. The brainchild of Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa, the Giant Sleeping Bear was modeled after a real bear that crossed from the Italian Alps to the Bavarian side back in 2006 and began making problems for the people and animals there. The issue sparked much debate about what to do with the bear, but he eventually was hunted and killed. Ishizawa created the sleeping bag to represent man's conflicted relationship with the natural world around him. With a hefty price tag of over $2,000, it's not likely that this sleeping bag will make it onto your shopping list, but it's definitely worth a look.

5. Chumbuddy

A woman in a shark-shaped sleeping bagWho knew that the theme from 'Jaws' could be a lullaby? (Photo: Chumbuddy)

Finally, my favorite on the list. The brainchild of art student Kendra Phillips, the ChumBuddy originated as a school project in which Phillips was challenged to create a toy and packaging. She also really loved sharks and thought it might be interesting to play off of peoples' fears of sharks and shark attacks and make them more — well — cuddly. After two weeks of nonstop sewing, the ChumBuddy was created. Collaborating with PatchTogether, a community-based toy development company, Phillips launched the ChumBuddy for purchase and it has since gone viral. So much so that they've created other similar products, like an alligator sleeping bag and an orca sleeping bag (aptly-named the "Snore-Ca").

5 oddball sleeping bags for a fun night's sleep
A roundup of some of the weirdest — or shall we call them unique? — sleeping bags out there.