These videos speed up processes and bend our minds — that's the beauty of time-lapse. 

1. Tomato vs. Twinkie

Just in time for the July 15 return of Hostess brands to store shelves, here’s a video that is a testament to the Twinkie’s fortitude. This may leave you reconsidering if you should eat that Twinkie, or may inspire you to run out to the stores next month to stock up on this age-old (maybe literally) American snack.

Fruit basket showdown

Fruit basket battle royale? Why not? How well would peaches hold up to the cucumbers? While this is a great time-lapse, it also can inform your produce shopping at the grocery store and maybe push you away from the vine tomatoes and towards Roma tomatoes if you won't be cooking anytime soon. 

Strawberries revived by time-lapse

On the positive side, we can ignore the truth that all living creatures die and watch the impossible: fruit going from moldy to fresh. And although many of us have hoped for it, don’t expect this reverse-rotting process to happen in your refrigerator.

Monarch butterfly emerging

One of the most fascinating and beautiful processes to discover is how butterflies hatch from their cocoons. But we’re much too busy to watch that happen on a normal day. But what if that process only took 2.5 minutes? Maybe you can spare the time to watch this natural miracle. 

Miraculous mushrooms

These are video excerpts from a documentary about Paul Stamets, a researcher who studies the medicinal benefits of mushrooms. Stamets has written a book called "How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World"  and is currently researching the properties of fungi that can serve as treatment for HIV and cancer. 

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