1. Animal Planet takes you to the deserts, mountains, forests and coasts of the Arabian Peninsula to showcase the diverse landscape and wildlife it has to offer in the two-hour special “Wild Arabia,” premiering August 6.

2. “Jungle Gold” returns to Discovery for its second season on August 11, following miners George Wright and Scott Lomu as they battle the jungle’s rainy season and political obstacles in Ghana.

3. Weather.com’s latest Web series “Destination Uncharted” focuses on climate and weather phenomena in some of the most remote places on Earth, including volcanic eruptions in Iceland, a Japanese spot that gets up to 38 feet of snow a year, and a blinding dust storm in Arizona. Episodes are available at weather.com/films beginning August 12.

4. Veterinarian “The Incredible Dr. Pol” returns to Nat Geo Wild for a fourth season on August 17, kicking off with an episode involving an ailing cow and sick and injured horses.

5. Naturalist Casey Anderson returns to Nat Geo Wild for another season of animal adventures in “America the Wild,” kicking off with an expedition to Canada to track and observe wolves in the August 18 premiere.

6. From honey badgers to killer shrimp, Nat Geo Wild showcases animals with attitude in the special “Bad@$$ Animals,” premiering August 11.

7. If you need proof that weather is getting wackier, tune in to Weather Channel’s “Strangest Weather on Earth.” Premiering August 11 with two back-to-back episodes, the series covers such atmospheric oddities as a snow tornado, rainbows at night, Arctic ice flowers, blue-sky lightning strikes, and raining frogs.

8. The TLC special “Boston Underdogs” follows Beantown canine rescuer Stacie Gorgone, who prioritizes her KickAss K9 rescue at the expense of her human relationships. It premieres August 12.

8 TV shows we will be watching in August
From killer shrimp to bizarre weather, it's a great month for wild and wacky television.