1. Why has the population of white tailed deer increased in the U.S. from less than a million to more than 30 million over the last century? PBS’ “Nature” endeavors to answer that question and how these animals have adapted to living near humans in “The Private Life of Deer,” airing May 8.

2. If you think the contestants on “Survivor” or even the more rigorous “Eco-Challenge” have it rough, you haven’t seen “Ultimate Survival Alaska,” which follows eight men as they brave Arctic conditions in an attempt to cross 3,000 miles of wilderness. The 10-part series premieres May 12 on Nat Geo Channel with the aptly titled “Arctic Hell.” Nat Geo remains in the 49th state for the series “Life Below Zero,” focusing on the daily lives of folks who choose to live way off the grid in the remote wilderness. It premieres May 19.

3. Discovery also takes viewers to the Alaskan wilderness for “The Great Bear Stakeout,” getting up close and personal with grizzlies. The two-hour special premieres on May 12.

4. Australia has the most unique creatures in the world and some of the most dangerous, and the new series “Australia’s Deadliest” will showcase survivors of close-call encounters with them. It premieres on Nat Geo Wild on May 10.

5. Discovery’s series “North America” explores the flora, fauna, ecosystems and natural beauty of the continent over seven episodes beginning May 19.

6. Animal Planet kicks of “Monster Week” May 20 with new specials throughout the week, including “Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real,” “Invasion of the Swamp Monsters” and “Invasion of the Mutant Pigs,” plus the season finale of “River Monsters.

7. Nat Geo Wild tells you everything you wanted to know about feline behavior in the special “Wild Side of Cats,” premiering on May 19.

8. Nat Geo Channel’s three-part series “Going Ape” premieres on May 13, employing behavioral analyses and side-by-side comparisons to illustrate how alike humans and our closest primate relatives really are.

9. Also on Nat Geo, find out how plants and animals co-exist in the special “How Nature Works,” which explores the food chain and other symbiotic relationships. It premieres on May 17.

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