Adrian Grenier has been busy pursuing his green passions in between filming for the next season of HBO's hit series "Entourage". The activist/actor recently launched a new eco website called SHFT, a pop-up store in downtown Los Angeles showcasing sustainable artists, and now will appear in GQ magazine pushing for protection of the endangered bluefin tuna.

The issue will hit stands on May 25 as part of GQ's Gentleman's Fund, a program designed to raise awareness of issues that are important to modern men. Grenier hooked up with Oceana, and in collaboration with Nautica, works to prevent oceanic pollution and endangerment of aquatic wildlife.

“Look, I’m cynical, like we all can be. But as a man, you have to pierce through the cynicism — take responsibility for your choices and find what’s important to you,” explained the 33-year-old actor. “It has less to do with following one particular cause than it does with participation — a willingness to engage.”

Grenier shot a "docutorial" with Oceana to explain how bluefin tuna are threatened and what can be done to help save them from extinction. You can find out more about the campaign in the June issue of GQ or online here.

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Adrian Grenier promotes bluefin tuna protection in GQ
'Entourage' star hooks up with Oceana as part of the GQ Gentleman's Fund initiative.