Starring alongside Cher in her first film role as a small town girl who takes her big talent to Hollywood in "Burlesque," Christina Aguilera found the musical movie a perfect fit. "I wanted to do something that I truly felt passionate about," she explains. "It really spoke to me. I've always been intrigued and fascinated with the topic and the beauty and the art of it and the comedic value of it. I think it's just a beautiful, empowering thing for women."

Aguilera's character Ali, who she describes as "wide-eyed, open, vulnerable, honest and meaning business," has "had a rough life so far, which compels and drives her into shooting for a goal and a dream for herself. There were things that I could relate to and that I took from my own past, personal moments in my life that I put into her."

Aguilera, who recycles at home and teamed up with Chrysler last spring to design an eco-friendly version of its 300 model (featuring eco-friendly materials) that was auctioned for Haiti relief, wrote and recorded three songs for "Burlesque." "I had to do it from Ali's perspective, not my own, so I was out of my comfort zone," says the Grammy winner, who's in songwriting mode again. "I'm in a very introspective place right now and I really am into putting my heart out on a paper. The last record I made was a little more playful in nature. I'd just had my son; I wanted to experiment with a little bit of electronica sounds and things. Now I think I want to get back to my roots."

As for future film roles, "I could do a small independent role next. I haven't decided yet," she says. "Over the holidays I want to sit down and get into reading some scripts that have come in and taking meetings."

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