Go ahead and add 'comic book' to the list of media formats to feature Al Gore.

The former vice president turned green guru is the latest politician to receive the illustrated biopic treatment from Bluewater Productions; an independent production studio of comic books and graphic novels. Other famous names joining Gore in this round of comics are Rush Limbaugh, Nancy Pelosi and Sonia Sotomayor, among others.

"We understand that there are many that hold strong and passionate opinions, but Bluewater believes we have a responsibility to transcend the political rancor and give readers and honest accounting of these people's lives and accomplishments," Davis said.

Sadly, Gore won't be donning a cape and fighting climate change deniers with the powers of the elements behind him. This isn't that type of comic book. But, for anyone whos ever wanted a graphic novel of Gore's life, this is definitely for you — whoever you are.

The new comics are available starting this week through Amazon and comic book outlets.

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Al Gore gets his own comic book
Bluewater Productions cranks out new bio-comic on the former Veep.