Actress, producer, director and daughter of Clint Eastwood Alison Eastwood is a longtime animal advocate and host/executive producer of the new Nat Geo Wild series "Animal Intervention," premiering Oct. 2. With her co-host, animal expert Donald Schulz, Eastwood investigates various situations where animals are at risk.


"I've always loved and appreciated animals and nature. I feel they need protection and someone to stand up for them and their rights since they don't have a voice and are easily abused or taken advantage of," says Eastwood. But urging owners to relinquish their animals for their own and the creatures' welfare doesn't always work, as depicted in the first episode, which focuses on a couple evading authorities and keeping four capuchin monkeys in an RV, and a magician who keeps the big cats for his act in cramped cages.



"The whole thing made me exceptionally sick," says Eastwood, who emphasizes, "I'm not doing the show to make people feel bad and attack them. The past is the past and all that matters is the present and the future. I put the animals first and try to relate to the humans as best I can. I want people to see what really goes on in the U.S. regarding exotic animals and bring awareness to the plight of these beautiful, majestic creatures."


The Oct. 9 episode depicts a broke, stressed out exotic animal rescuer and the owner of a gone-to-seed zoo who can no longer care for his animals. "Rescuing and adoption of exotics is needed in this world," says Eastwood. "I believe every animal has the right to live a good life and be cared for. I applaud the 'real' rescuers and animal advocates of this world."


Photo courtesy Nat Geo Wild


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Alison Eastwood advocates for animals
Host Alison Eastwood of 'Animal Intervention' (along with animal expert Donald Schulz) rescues creatures at risk.