On the set of the new NBC romantic comedy "Bent," efforts were made to reduce plastic water bottle usage. "We all had our own water bottles," reports star Amanda Peet, who does her best to be green at home. "I wouldn't say that I'm the most vigilant, but we recycle everything and we try to teach the girls about recycling, turning off the water, turning off the lights," says the mother of two young daughters.


Peet, whose last regular series role was in "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," plays a type-A lawyer and divorced mom who hires a surfer-dude contractor (David Walton) to remodel her kitchen in "Bent," which premieres the first two of its six episodes March 21. "We wanted to create something that was a little bit sexy and a little bit unpredictable. We've all seen a million romantic comedies and we know where they're going to end up, and this didn't feel that way," says Peet, who wasn't looking for a show when the script came her way. In fact, "I was desperately hoping not to find a show that I liked so that I could be home with my baby," she confides. But the assurance that her family life would be accommodated persuaded her to change her mind, and she's glad she did.


"There are very few writers who write interesting roles for women my age, roles that don't feel stock," she says, praising show creator Tad Quill. "Alex is a la very attracted to someone who's painfully inappropriate for her life and for her daughter. It's funny and light, but Tad also has a very good idea of how to make the conflicts feel real and interesting."


Peet is married to writer David Benioff, whose HBO series "Game of Thrones" returns for its second season April 1, but she won't divulge any plot points. "He'll kill me!" she exclaims, but promises, "What's coming is crazy." To her dismay, her daughters are taking more after her, showing early signs of being thespians in the making, but won't be child actors. "I wasn't allowed to and neither will they be allowed to," she vows, noting that she's probably the stricter parent. "I'm learning on the job," she says of motherhood. "My daughters are beautiful and thriving. I'm besotted with them."


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Amanda Peet sets a green example for her daughters
Amanda Peet stars in new NBC series 'Bent' as a divorced type-A lawyer.