U.K. digital artist Ben Charman adds an extra dose of whimsy to some of our favorite films by rendering the most iconic scenes as moody silhouetted vignettes. They may be short clips, but they exude a remarkably faithful reflection of each movie's respective mise-en-scène — a term used to describe the aesthetic theme and atmosphere of a theatrical or film production.

To make these evocative scenes, Charman first creates the silhouettes in Photoshop. After adding background layers and textures, he saves his work as a PSD and opens the file in After Effects to begin key framing the movements into an animation

Key framing has been around since the first hand-drawn animation doodles — in simplistic terms, it means to create a sequence of still images that come together as a cohesive movement in animation. For the "Star Wars" animation above, Charman used key framing to create Luke and Darth Vader's arm, leg, head and lightsaber movements.

Once the animation process is complete, he tops it off with some sound effects and uploads the sequences as six-second looping animations on Vine — much to the delight of fellow "Star Wars" geeks.

The imaginative vignettes are just a subset of his larger collection of pop culture silhouette prints featuring settings and characters from not only iconic movies but also hit television shows like "Game of Thrones" and "Breaking Bad."

If you'd like to see more of Charman's clever work, be sure to check out his portfolio website.

Catie Leary ( @catieleary ) writes about science, travel, animals and the arts.