Chilean miner Mario Sepulveda hit the “who would play me in a move” jackpot when it was confirmed that Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas would be assuming his roll in the upcoming film, ‘The 33.” Production for the film, which tells the story of 33 miners trapped underground for 69 days, is scheduled to start this fall in Chile. Sepulveda, aka “Super Mario,” became the best-known of the miners.

The decision was announced by Mike Medavoy, producer of "The 33," at the Cannes Film Festival. Sepulveda says that he's thrilled by the news; he's a fan of the Spanish actor and hopes the movie will remind people how life is the most valuable gift, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

"Banderas is very charismatic. I like him a lot and I think this movie is going to make him even more famous than he already is,” Sepulveda said.

On Aug. 5, 2010, the miners were trapped underground after the shaft caved in above them at 121-year-old San José copper–gold mine. The 33, who became known as “Los 33,” survived on 48-hour’s worth of emergency food for 17 days before supplies were able to be delivered. They were rescued in an internationally televised display after more than two months of being buried.

Even in their despair, Sepulveda said, "peace, love, solidarity and teamwork" were shared by the miners who survived being trapped for longer than anyone else had before.

"There are people who don't realize the value of what they have next to them. And after those 69 days we know that there's nothing as important as being alive, being healthy and enjoying the people you love while you're alive," he added.

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Antonio Banderas to star as Chilean miner, 'Super Mario'
Chilean mine accident survivor, Mario Sepulveda, is said to be thrilled with the casting decision.