Currently looking for love again on ABC's "The Bachelor," Brad Womack is an Austin, Texas, entrepreneur who owns bar-restaurants, the newest of which, The Dogwood, "came close to a four-star green rating. We used 95 percent recycled material," says Womack. "We have a company that comes in and separates our trash for us on a weekly basis. It's very expensive but worth the cost." He admits he could be greener at home. "I need to do more. I do turn off the water while brushing my teeth," he says.

Having chosen none of the women in his first go-round as The Bachelor, Womack was prepared for flak going into round two. "I knew that the women were going to be skeptical. But I wanted the women to know that I was there sincerely and for all the right reasons and not to make a mockery of this. They were very accepting and sweet once they came around, and I think that America is also coming around and seeing that people can change. I was so thankful to be given this opportunity and I used it wisely, I promise. I didn't waste it," he says, confirming that he did find love this time.

Production wrapped just before Thanksgiving, so keeping the outcome secret while the show airs has been tantamount to "a covert operation. We're kept under lock and key. We go to different cities all over — definitely not in Texas or her hometown. We fly in at different times on different days. It's crazy. I didn't know what I was getting into. But any minute spent with her is worth it," says Womack, who had an inkling she was the one "on our very first solo date," but gave others a chance. "I didn't want to make the same mistake twice."

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