"I don't drive, I take public transport. I try to keep my carbon footprint low," says Theo James, star of BBC America's series "Bedlam," premiering Oct. 1 following the "Dr. Who" season finale. "I recycle, and I support the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace," says the Oxford-born actor, who plays the vision-tormented Jed in the drama set in an insane asylum that has been converted into luxury apartments — that's haunted by its former, still quite hostile residents.

James' character Jed is the only one aware of the angry ghosts, and sees them in visions that "cause a kind of semi-epileptic fit. And the angrier and more vengeful the spirit is, the more painful it is for him." Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, "He's been in and out of mental institutions because he seems sane but then he has these fits, so he can't hold down a job for very long and it affects his personal relationships. As a result he's quite a lonely, solitary man and can't really trust people. He's a bit of an outcast, an outsider. But at the stage where we meet him in the show he's realized that the only way he can achieve normality is to lie about it."

The London-based actor has two films due out in early 2012, opening on the same day. "Underworld Awakening," a werewolves vs. vampires movie starring Kate Beckinsale, and "Red Tails," a film about the Tuskegee Airmen in which he plays a British intelligence officer, are both due out Jan. 20.

Ashley Madekwe also doesn't have a car when she's at home in London, but the "Bedlam" co-star is driving a rental while she's working on her other series, the ABC drama "Revenge," in Los Angeles. "I love the California sunshine," says the actress, who draws a comparison between her two characters. "They're similar in that they're both quite nice, and that's nice for me because I've been playing the b*tch for a while," laughed Madekwe, who portrayed the manipulative Bambi on Showtime's "Secret Diary of a Call Girl." She's married to Iddo Goldberg, who played Ben on that series ("we met on a theater job years ago," she notes) and who keeps her on the green path at home. "He makes me recycle," she says.

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