Now is the time to think about the best gifts for women.

Hanukkah is just about to wrap up, and Christmas is not too far off. So have you started shopping for the special lady in your life? What about your mother? We at Mother Nature Network want to remind you that she gave birth to you so a small gift at this time might be in order!

If you’re fresh out of ideas, do not fret. Mother Nature Network has thought of everything for you! And that includes women who need to buy gifts for sisters, female friends and, of course, mothers.

Here are seven of the best gifts for women who are modern, inquisitive and eco-conscious:

Note cards

One hates to traffic in awful stereotypes about women, but this much is true: women are still writing little notes. If only to thank Mother for the lovely Spode Christmas platter she sent. And women with an eye for design have noticed that note cards these days are artworks in and of themselves.

Many of the latest cards offered by designers are also quite green. For example, these cat-motif cards sold on Etsy are made of acid-free, recycled paper stock and are packaged in a fully biodegradable bag.

Local farm share

Women often take the lead in pursuing healthy lifestyle choices so it’s no surprise that a lot of women love fresh produce from farmers markets. One way to make sure she gets all the fresh tomatoes, basil and carrots she wants is to subscribe to a local farm share. That will guarantee she gets a basket of fresh, local produce each week.

Don’t know where to find a local farm share? No problem. You can easily find community-supported agriculture coops anywhere in the U.S.

Some only operate in the spring and summer months, while others are active year-round.

Weekend language courses

Women like to learn. It’s a proven fact! And they like to feel like they’ve accomplished something during the weekend. Enter intensive language courses.

Language enthusiasts meet up in small groups for a weekend dedicated to the study of a particular language. Typically, courses begin Friday night and go all day Saturday and a half day on Sunday. And students are expected to speak the target language the whole weekend. Che bello!

The New School in New York offers weekend immersion classes. Languages offered include Italian, Japanese and French.

For more information, visit the New School's website.

Donation to a (green) organization in her name

There are some women who already have everything they need. It’s true! So what to get for the woman who has everything, including a conscience? Why a donation in her name to the charity or development group of her choice, of course.

The Nature Conservancy, which has protected millions of acres of land worldwide, offers a number of specific ways to donate to green causes. For more information, visit The Nature Conservancy's website.

Looking for more options? Visit Charity Navigator, which shows how charities use your donations.

A gift from Ten Thousand Villages

If it’s a gift from Ten Thousand Villages, it’s fair-trade. The store sells a wide variety of cloth, ceramic and wooden crafts by small-scale artisans from 38 countries in the developing world. Many of the store’s items have been re-purposed, which is the epitome of green. You can buy a bracelet from India, for example, that was crafted from an old bicycle chain. The store stocks handbags, scarves, vases and jewelry.

Ten Thousand Villages is a nonprofit initiative of the Mennonite religious order in Pennsylvania. It’s a founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization. The small chain, which is staffed by volunteers, has about 400 locations in the U.S. Shoppers can also buy online.

Updated halter top

Few women have bad shoulders. So they love shirts like halter tops that narrow at the neck to show off dainty little shoulders, and widen at the bust to, well you know. And they’re not just for spring and summer since a little sweater can easily be thrown over the top.

This handmade, silk twill number from Etsy might be just the ticket for her.

Eco-friendly linens

Cotton has long been the go-to fabric for a variety of linens, but the sad truth is that cotton is often grown in a way that’s not sustainable and then harvested with harsh chemicals.

Linens made from bamboo and other natural fibers offer the greenest option. Bamboo in particular replenishes itself quickly when cut, and it nourishes the soil and air where it’s grown. sells a wide variety of bamboo-based linens.

Got other ideas for the best gifts for women? Leave us a note in the comments below.

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Here are seven of the best gifts for women who are modern, inquisitive and eco-conscious.