Yesterday, students across the United States took the College Board's PSAT exam, a test that prepares them for the SAT and provides them with annual fodder for social media posts.

While students aren't supposed to share the test content, scroll through the #PSAT hashtag on sites like Twitter and micro-blogging platform Tumblr and you'll find countless tweets, memes and discussions about this year's test questions.

While the College Board said it won't comment on the content of the PSAT, here's what we've gathered about some of this year's test questions.

In one reading passage, a girl named Herminia wrote some "seditious" poetry, much to the disgrace of her father.

In another, students learned a sad truth: You can raise those wolf pups from birth, but that doesn't mean they'll look you in the eye.

On the math front, a boy named Thad spent an absurd amount of money on cookies and bottled water.

Of course, the PSAT did manage to teach students β€” and those following the #PSAT updates on social media β€” several things.

One big takeaway from the exam was the fact that Spanish moss is neither Spanish nor moss.

Students also learned that farmers markets are better places to socialize than regular markets.

Also, nasutoceratops was a much cooler dinosaur than the triceratops.

Other knowledge students gleaned from this year's PSAT includes Frederick Douglas' apparent distaste for the Fourth of July ... and something about tilapia.

Oh, and you can't use a calculator on the math section, which just seems cruel.

The best thing about taking the PSAT is tweeting about it
Students' social media posts reveal a sense of humor (and a few hints about the test.)