Betty White is stepping up her support for animal welfare with a new offer to match donations to the newly created "Betty White Wildlife Rapid Response Fund."

The actress/activist, who tickled America's funnybone by hosting "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend, expressed gratitude when the Morris Animal Foundation recently created the fund in her honor. In response, she decided to match up to $25K in donations to the organization; particularly in response to animals suffering from the oil spill in the Gulf.

"The need is so great right now. There are some species that may not make it through this," said White. "Morris Animal Foundation's rapid response fund was set up just for these types of needs, and I am honored that the Foundation would dedicate this special fund in my name."

"When starting this fund two months ago, we had no idea we would need to use it so quickly," said Wayne A. Jensen, DVM, PhD, MBA, chief scientific officer of Morris Animal Foundation. "Although tragic, events such as these provide research opportunities to develop better methods to diagnose disease and treat affected animals. Through this fund, we hope to provide researchers with much needed funds to act quickly to address wildlife health needs in times of crisis."

Donations to the Betty White fund can be made by clicking here.

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Betty White lends a hand to animals suffering from oil spill
Actress promises to match up $25K for donations to the "Betty White Wildlife Rapid Response Fund."