World's largest tomato fight

A woman kicks tomato pulp at a fellow reveller while playing in a messy street at the heart of the annual Tomatina Festival on Aug. 31 in Bunol, Spain. During the fight, about 35,000 people throw 120 tons of ripe tomatoes. The annual festival is believed to date back to 1944 when participants of a staged brawl used tomatoes from a nearby vegetable stand as weapons. (Photo: Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Tomato fight in Bunol, Spain

Tomatina festival-goers
Hundreds of participants of the festival hurl tomatoes at each other while wearing bathing suits and goggles in the Spanish Mediterranean town of Bunol. Tomatoes are brought from the province of Extremadura, where the tomatoes are of lower quality and are not intended for consumption. To prevent serious injury, participants are instructed to smash tomatoes in their hands before throwing them at other people. (Photo: Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Tomato fight in Valencia

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An estimated 35,000 people threw 120 tons of ripe tomatoes at the Tomatina Festival, touted as the world's largest tomato fight.