Like many productions, "Body of Proof" has banned bottled water, following a studio-wide edict. "No more plastic. We have a Sparkletts machine. And we have recycling bins. The new soundstages they're building will have solar panels," says executive producer Matthew Gross. "The company has all these initiatives and we follow with pleasure because that's how we are in our own homes." He adds that the writers have considered eco-themed plots, like one involving fracking, and may do something along those lines in the future.

The forensics drama returns to ABC Feb. 19 with a few cast changes and a cliffhanger premiere episode involving the kidnapping of medical examiner Megan Hunt's (Dana Delany) daughter. Megan is also still recovering from the shooting incident that wounded her and killed cop colleague Peter Dunlop (Nicholas Bishop). Delany characterizes the season as "much more intense. The stakes are higher. We have some crazy stuff — an exorcism, zombies, rabies, a plane crash, organ theft."

Mark Valley ("Human Target") has joined the cast as Det. Tommy Sullivan, a cop Megan knows — and dislikes — from the past. "Mark reminds me of myself. We work in very similar ways. We both love to act and we both want to make it better and challenge ourselves. He challenges me and I challenge him. We really go toe to toe on this and it's good. It's a good match," says Delany, praising his "ironic sense of humor."

Valley, a West Point grad who served in Operation Desert Storm and has a role in "Zero Dark Thirty," shares a military background with his character. He says that the rather regimented military life prepared him for acting, "somewhat in working with weapons, but also they [both] tell you what to say, when to say it and what to wear," he points out.

Valley likes getting his scripts the paper saving way on his iPad, but Delany is less than enamored. "I still use paper because I like to make notes," she says.


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'Body of Proof' bans water bottles, goes solar
ABC drama returns for its third season.