Now that they've taken over the Internet, cats are sinking their claws into classic literature.

Pride and Prejudice and Kitties book coverThe new book "Pride and Prejudice and Kitties" is a humorous retelling of the timeless Jane Austen tale from a feline point of view.

The book's co-authors, Pamela Jane and Deborah Guyol, describe it as "chick lit meets kit lit."

"I've always had a playful attitude towards cats, and part of my particular humor is imagining them in human situations because it's absurd and somewhat irreverent," Jane said in an interview.

"Whatever is going on in the human world, I imagine with cats. And since Jane Austen is an enduring part of my own world, the pairing of the two was inevitable."

"Pride and Prejudice and Kitties" pairs pictures of cats Photoshopped into Regency settings with "kittified" text that's fitting for a classic tale told by domestic shorthairs.

The authors say they put a lot of thought into capturing the personality of the characters of "Pride and Prejudice" in feline form.

"We tried to consider the essence of each of the characters and translate that into cat behavior," Jane said. "Mrs. Bennet for example, complains a lot and drives her husband to distraction. So, as a cat, we have her yowling through the halls of Longbourn, and using poor Mr. Bennet's chair as a scratching post."

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Book reimagines 'Pride and Prejudice' from a cat's point of view
In 'Pride and Prejudice and Kitties,' Jane Austen's classic tale is retold with whiskers and tails.