When it comes to environmental efforts, Brian Austin Green is living up to his surname. "We've all of our hot water heaters so we don't have the canisters anymore. We've now got the instant ones so it's just hot water on demand — it's not storing and using gas and heating. We've recently converted our house to solar so we're pretty close to off the grid. We're using the Zero Water containers instead of buying bottled water. We're trying to continually cut down our carbon footprint as much as possible." He's considering a Volt for his next vehicle, but as a racing aficionado, he admits to a need for speed an electric car can't fulfill, though he thinks a Tesla or Lexus may be an option.


For their new baby Noah, born Sept. 27, he and wife Megan Fox buy "as many organic products as we can," though they're still figuring out the diaper dilemma, "Cloth vs. disposable. The thing that worries me about cloth is all of the water that's in washing them."


Melora Hardin, his co-star in the new TBS comedy "Wedding Band," used cloth diapers for her kids, and though she now drives them around in a VW station wagon "mom car," her husband has a Prius and she trades off with him. A sportscar enthusiast, she'd love to get a Fisker Karma because "it's beautiful and totally eco-friendly," and she brings her own bags to the grocery store. "Pick up a few of these nylon bags that roll up and go in your purse or your glove compartment or trunk," she says. "It's a really easy thing to do, and boy, does it make a difference."


Green and Hardin are determined to green-ify their set next, to "make sure there are enough recycling containers around and that catering and craft service are using containers that are biodegradable," he says, and reducing plastic and Styrofoam use, she adds. "There are options out there that are really doable and really affordable and they're really saving the planet for us and for the next generation."


In  "Wedding Band," premiering Nov. 10, Green plays the lead singer of Seattle's Mother of the Bride, which Hardin's Roxie books for her events company at everything from nuptials to bar mitzvahs, conventions and bachelor parties. The band includes a harried father (Peter Cambor) and a session musician in his first live band (Harold Perrineau), and the music is a big part of the show. To see them play a KISS song in Oktoberfest style, wearing lederhosen, or a Bollywood version of "Party Rock" is unexpected and hilarious.


"Our job is to make this believable, to make this band honestly the most kickass wedding band anybody has ever seen," says Green, who plays piano and drums but never harbored any desire to be a lead singer, and admits he was intimidated at the thought of taking on that role. "I was excited that I booked the show, but I thought, 'I'm going to actually have to sing, and I don't know if I'm ready for it.' So I went with the thought of 'it's not me singing, it's the character.'"


Hardin, who also gets a chance to sing in the show, is a singer-songwriter with three records to her credit, and is passionate about music, dance and directing as she is about acting. "My mom says I wrote my first song when I was two. I do remember sitting in front of their big plate glass window in Santa Monica and strumming my brother's guitar until I had a huge blood blister on my thumb. I've had the fantasy of me becoming Judy Garland or Barbara Streisand many times," she confesses.


Music aside, Hardin was drawn to the mix of comedy and dramatic elements, the hour format that allows for character development, and the multidimensional Roxie. Though she had concerns about taking the role, she met with producers and quickly changed her mind when they explained "where her storyline might go and how her character might develop over time. She's so much fun, and there's a lot to bite into there. She's far more shameless than I, so I have lots of fun playing somebody who is completely unaware or even unconcerned about what anyone else may think. This is a dream job."


In the second episode airing Nov. 17, Megan Fox guests as the hot star of a sci-fi show who's appearing at a fan convention. "She kind of stepped in and saved us at the last minute," says Green. "There were a couple other people that they were discussing bringing into the episode but schedule-wise and timing-wise it didn't work out," he explains. "I had already spoken to my wife about the episode and kind of what was going on, and she graciously said that she would step in and kind of rescue us, and she did. She kicked ass."


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Brian Austin Green and Melora Hardin find ways to live green
From cars to diapers to grocery bags, 'Wedding Band' stars Brian Austin Green and Melora Hardin are committed to going green.