Having just premiered its fifth season on Lifetime last Sunday, "Army Wives" is an eco-conscious production. "We recycle, everything they use for to-go meals is biodegradable, and all the office envelopes and memos are recycled and reused, you see all the names crossed off," says Brigid Brannagh, who recycles (and more) off set. "I'm a vegetarian and in every way that I can, I try not to waste. I take rickshaws around town in Charleston so I'm not using any gas," says the actress, who lives in L.A. when not shooting the show in South Carolina.

Brannagh plays Pamela, who separated from her husband last season and lost her job, but joined the police force and now her partner has become a love interest. "I think her life is getting better for sure," notes Brannagh, who likes the fact that Pamela is "really down to earth and a little acerbic. She's had it rough of late so that she has two men to choose between is a lot of fun. She has real choices for the first time and she deals with that for a while."

In addition to "Wives," Brannagh will star in two upcoming movies. In the Hallmark Channel movie "Crush on You," premiering June 18, she plays "a mom who's so focused on her kid that she fades into the background of her own life. She has a secret admirer, somebody sent her flowers but she thinks it's somebody else and she starts this romance with a case of mistaken identity but it perks up her world a little bit and then she falls into a real relationship. It's a feel-good story for sure." She also appears in the indie film "Not That Funny" as a woman who forms a relationship with the man (Tony Hale) who takes care of her grandmother (K Callan). "It's about a couple of people trying to find their identity."

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Brigid Brannagh of 'Army Wives' is green on and off the set
Upcoming projects and ongoing green for 'Army Wife' Brigid Brannagh.