Brittany Snow has an ex-boyfriend to thank for her green habits. "Trash on the street really bugged him. Whenever we would see trash on the street we'd always pick it up. We got recycling started in all the buildings we used to live in," says the actress, now starring opposite Kathy Bates in the David E. Kelley NBC legal drama "Harry's Law."

"On the outside it looks like she's maybe just one of those bubbly, perky assistants but there's actually a lot going on, she's very complex," Snow says of her "quirky and crazy" character, Jenna. "She puts on this façade of optimism because of things that have gone on in the past." She's also a good sounding board to Harry, the lawyer played by Bates. "I'm kind of her voice of reason in a way. I'm that annoying friend that just won't go away. In the back of her mind she realizes she needs me around, even though I annoy the crap out of her."

The law firm operates out of a shoe store, which thrills Jenna. "I play a character who's fascinated by footwear, and I respect that because I do find fashion interesting," says Snow. "I don't necessarily have the same passion that Jenna does," she admits. "I like to wear Ugg boots."

Previously best known as the teenage protagonist of "American Dreams," Snow is glad to be playing her first adult TV character. "I'm 24 now and this is a grownup role for me. But it's really fun because I still get to be young at heart and I do get to deal with real-life issues and give my opinions on legal advice."

Snow will also be seen this year on the big screen in as a pianist-singer and girlfriend of Alessandro Nivola in "Janie," starring Abigail Breslin, and will appear in the drama "90 Minutes," based on a true story about a kidnap-as-gang-initiation.

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