You send your kids on playdates and your pup to doggy daycare. But what are your stuffed animals supposed to do?

A new cafe in Tokyo has the answer, opening its doors to guests of the plush variety — no humans allowed. Owners mail their stuffed animals to Nuigurumi Cafe, where they'll enjoy a bed-and-breakfast experience. About 85 percent of adult women in Japan own a stuffed animal, according to the cafe owners, who are quoted in Rocket News 24. And they think it's time for their fuzzy friends to have some fun.

stuffed animals drink smoothies at Nuigurumi CafeAnimals sip berry smoothies together — once they figure out how straws work. (Photo: Nuigurumi Cafe/Facebook)
Visitors to the cafe enjoy strawberry, raspberry and blueberry smoothies, prepared by the resident chef — a stuffed snake.

stuffed fish eats omeletA stuffed fish prepares a personalized omelet. (Photo: Nuigurumi Cafe/Facebook)

Later on, they dig into rice omelets, each inscribed with the guest's name in ketchup.

stuffed animals eat breakfast and pancakes at Nuigurumi CafeAt the cafe, the pancake stacks are huge (and oddly enough, they never seem to get smaller.) (Photo: Nuigurumi Cafe/Facebook)

For dessert, guests wind down with towering stacks of pancakes.

stuffed animals tucked in bed for storytime at Nuigurumi CafeIt's story time at Nuigurumi Cafe as everyone settles in under the covers. (Photo: Nuigurumi Cafe/Facebook)
They play cards together and snuggle in to hear bedtime stories before the lights are turned out.

stuffed animals hanging out at Nuigurumi CafeYou can send your favorite stuffed friend over for some well-earned R&R. (Photo: Nuigurumi Cafe/Facebook)
After their adventure, the stuffed animals are mailed back with a few souvenirs of their trip, including a photo album documenting their adventure. The basic package starts at about $40.

But really, can you put a price on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure like this?

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A cafe for stuffed animals?
Because sometimes Teddy bears and their friends just need to get away.