While most celebs are trying to pitch in to protect the environment, Izabella Miko goes the extra mile. "I have a foundation called EkoMiko. We have a website, ekomiko.com, that teaches kids and adults about green living in a fun, entertaining, very interactive way. We do episodes every two-three weeks, I show you something green or I talk to celebrities, give green tips,” says the Poland-born actress, now recurring as circus performer/gang of thieves member Raia on NBC's "The Cape." "I'm extremely passionate about the environment and being a responsible citizen of the world and doing your part. A lot of people just live for themselves but I believe we're here for a reason," she says.

An eco-entrepreneur, Miko sells a line of sustainable candles at her site, made from coconut butter wax and packaged in the bottom half of recycled wine bottles wrapped in biodegradable paper infused with seeds and ready for planting. The melted wax won't go to waste: "You can put it on your skin and it moisturizes and smells incredible," she says.

Miko didn't have to learn how to do trapeze and fabric-entwined aerial stunts for "The Cape," because as it happens she was already well versed in the techniques, having practiced for six months to use them in the 2005 film "Bye Bye Blackbird." "I'm a trained dancer, as well," notes the actress, who loves the physical aspects of the role. "The more bruised I come home," she says, "the happier I am."

Other aspects of her "very damaged" character are fun for her, as well, especially the father-daughter relationship she has with ringleader Max (David Keith) and the feelings she has for The Cape (David Lyons). "She's kind of in awe. She has a major crush on him."

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'Cape' actress Izabella 'Eko' Miko is passionate about the environment
Izabella Miko may be an actress, but her true passion lies with the environment.