On Reddit, there's a community — or subreddit — called Photoshop Battles. In it, users compete with one another to show off their creativity and skills with Photoshop. Each thread is kicked off with an image or picture, be it an animal in an unusual position or a wedding photo that went a little awry, and then users take those images and do amusing things with them using Photoshop or another image editing software suite.

One popular thread right now involves the cat curled up in the fish bowl pictured above. To get a sense of the subreddit, just keep scrolling and have a nice chuckle at people's senses of humor.

I've made a huge mistake

User creativeimagineering gets full credit for taking the original image to its logical conclusion.

Vekoros has the cutest alien invasion ever.

If the kitty doesn't escape, lukalucasluka thinks it has a future in curling.


But chafedogg believes in the cat's dreams of becoming a marine biologist.

In the lab,late on night....

This cat was already famous, according to this cameo in Mel Brooks' "Young Frankstein" unearthed by Grabachair.

delete_if_u_r_sure will have whatever bubbles this kid is blowing. (This one is the current leader in the competition.)

king_of_snake offers another movie riff with "2001: A Space Odyssey." Only this time instead of stars, it's full of fur.

Cat in a bowl goes on many adventures, thanks to Reddit users
Part of the Photoshop Battle subreddit, users create funny images to win clicks and laughs.