"So You Think You Can Dance" host Cat Deeley is known for her eclectic style, in part because she wears a lot of vintage items. "Vintage is my big green. I never throw anything away. I recycle stuff. I wear things more than once. I go to vintage stores and find things," says Deeley. Excited to be nominated for her second Emmy as host of the Wednesday night Fox dance competition, she hasn't thought about what she'll wear to the ceremony, but is sure she'll sport "great jewelry."


Deeley recalls being sent to ballet class as a child "to try and turn me into more of a girl, which didn't work at all," but she did appreciate the beauty of ballet. "When the right dancer is put with the right choreographer to the right piece of music, hair, makeup, it gives you chills. I had no idea that it was possible for a dance routine to be able to communicate, both emotionally and mentally, to me in the same way that a great piece of art communicates. It makes the hairs on my arm stand on end," she says, citing "SYTYCD" routines about addiction and breast cancer that did just that. "It becomes incredibly personal, and it moves you beyond belief. And I never realized that that was possible through the medium of dance."


This summer, Deeley got a bit of flak for hosting the fluffy Fox dating show "The Choice," but has no regrets. "It's supposed to be fun and silly. It's meant to have its tongue firmly in its cheek. I think actually what we're going to do with the next season is remove one of the chairs so it gives us more time to have fun," she says. "There was so much content and so much good stuff that we couldn't fit it all into an hour."




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Cat Deeley goes green with vintage
TV news: Cat Deeley ('So You Think You Can Dance') loves vintage; Eric Young goes 'Off the Hook' with extreme fishing.