A lot of people have hidden talents, unusual abilities they trot out to impress their friends and amaze new acquaintances. Apparently, celebrities are no different.

Take Oprah Winfrey, for example. When Vanity Fair asked the talk show host, actress, producer and philanthropist about her secret skill, it appears it was a no-brainer: stain removal. Specifically, dog stain removal.

In the video above, Winfrey effusively explains how, after owning 21 dogs, she's become quite the expert at cleaning dog poop out of carpet.

"No matter how well trained they are, accidents happen," she says. The trick to removing the offending material, she explains, is a combination of club soda and dish detergent and a quick dance between blotting and fluffing. She demonstrates with glee, using gravy (because dog diarrhea is the worst) and a pad of white carpeting.

"Who even knew that we spilled poo over here!" she exclaims. "It's a club soda fizz cake!"

If only we could all get this energized when we're scrubbing our carpets and glaring at the dog after an accident.

Here are a few more celebrities showing off their impressive feats for "Secret Talent Theatre."

Actress Emma Stone climbs on a pogo stick, something she hasn't done since she was 11 years old.

"Here's a fun fact about pogo sticks," Stone says, as she's ricocheting around the room, mostly in circles. "When you're an adult doing a pogo stick, it's kind of like an extreme form of exercise. When you're a child, it's just feels like child's play."

Water is "pretty special stuff," says actor Benedict Cumberbatch. "We need to really take care that we don't waste our resources, and water is first and foremost amongst those resources on our planet."

To demonstrate how special water is, Cumberbatch performs some pretty amazing magic with a bottle of water.

Not terribly far out of her acting wheelhouse, Jennifer Lawrence shows that she's also a pretty good mime.

Ouch. Actress Cate Blanchett successfully does the splits.

And on a much more practical front, actress Lupita Nyong'o demonstrates how to successfully fold a fitted sheet.

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6 celebrities show off their secret talents
Celebrities are asked to show off their hidden talents, and Oprah surprises with her ability to make dog poop stains vanish.