NBC’s press day for the network’s summer series happened to fall on Earth Day, so we asked new “America’s Got Talent” judge Heidi Klum how she planned to honor it. “Not being wasteful,” she replied. “I try to do it all the time, not just on one day.” Klum joined co-newcomer Mel B. and returning judges Howie Mandel and Howard Stern to discuss the show, which has its season premiere June 4. Stern raved about his wife Beth’s show “Spoiled Rotten Pets” and her animal obsession that has rubbed off on him. “My wife is a saint,” he said. “First of all, I adore cats as well. It's not like I'm being forced into it. We have four wonderful cats. My wife works for North Shore Animal League, is a major fundraiser. And I love her attitude toward animals. I think what Gandhi said is true. We can judge a society on how they treat their animals. I love this woman, and I adore everything that she does for charity. I think it's great.”

Nia Vardalos (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) appeared at the LA Times Festival of Books to promote her book “Instant Mom,” and during an audience Q&A at the LA Times stage, she revealed how an animal rescue went awry. Vardalos and her husband, Ian Gomez, “have a habit of taking in stray dogs. We’ll put up notices and find the owner. Sometimes they’ll have a chip and we’ll take them to the vet. One dog was so much trouble that we called her Trudy Trouble. She ate a doorknob! She was crazy. A lady offered to take her to a ranch. Soon after, I was on a plane, reading a magazine, and saw a picture that looked like her. The caption said ‘coyote.’ She went to that ranch.”

Tune In: Hummingbirds may be tiny but they’re pretty remarkable, as the Nat Geo Wild special “Hummingbird” brings to light as it explores their flying and mating habits. It premieres April 28.

Celebrity's dog eats doorknob, turns out it's a coyote
Plus: Heidi Klum’s Earth Day and Howard Stern’s animal instincts.