Ecollywood logo"My newest venture in reducing my carbon footprint is my new glass water bottle. I used to buy packages of plastic water bottles and even though I recycled them, it's really so much easier and cheaper to have a Brita and a reusable water bottle. Plus, the water tastes better too. Glass can be left in your car on a hot day and the water won't taste bad the same way that it would in a plastic water bottle from the chemicals," points out Daniela Bobadilla, who plays Charlie Sheen's daughter, Sam, in the new FX Thursday night sitcom, "Anger Management." The Vancouver transplant took public transportation all the time there, "but it's not that easy to do in L.A. But as soon as I can afford a hybrid, I will get one," she vows.


The 19-year-old veteran of roles on "Awake," "Desperate Housewives," "Smallville" and "Supernatural" finds it "surreal" to be part of the hit series, and is "super grateful" for the gig, which she snagged after three auditions, the last of which she performed before the FX execs with Sheen. "A few hours later I found out I got the part. It's beyond a dream come true," says Bobadilla, who was shooting the last episode of "Awake" on the day of her final "Anger Management" audition. "It wasn't until we wrapped shooting on 'Anger Management' that I found out 'Awake' wasn't getting picked up," she notes.


She's having a blast playing Sam, who she describes as "part nerd, part OCD, and completely genuine. Sam is a really sweet girl that has her quirks, but she knows that's just part of who she is. I'm a lot like Sam in the sense that she accepts her weirdness. I have a few weird quirks of my own." Unwilling to say too much about upcoming storylines, she does offer one tidbit: "Sam has an interesting group of friends, and she leads them into an interesting situation."


As for working with Sheen, "I can't say this enough: on top of being a comedy genius, Charlie is one of the most grateful actors I have ever met. He is always saying, 'enjoy the moment' and thanking everyone around him for everything they do. He makes everyone feel welcome. You would have to try not to have a good time."


Born and raised in Mexico City, Bobadilla moved with her parents to Vancouver when she was seven (her folks fell in love with the city on a trip the year before). She started out as a figure skater, but got injured and to fill her newly found free time joined the school musical "and that was that. My parents could not get me out of the theater. I love expressing myself within the arts," she says of her passion. "If I can make one person smile or inspire their heart, then I can go to bed with a smile."


She has no regrets about starting to work so young, and notes that she had the full middle school and high school freshman and sophomore experience before she moved to L.A. and finished her studies online. "I even got to go back to my prom and graduation ceremony in between projects. Most of my friends were from acting and all of my classes aside from core subjects revolved around the arts. My best friend and I met doing theater and we're still best friends to this day despite living in different countries," she says.


Acting aside, she loves to read, watch movies, work on craft projects, travel, go camping, spend time with friends and family, and support favorite causes. "I try to help charities that work with animals in need as well as underprivileged kids. Now that I am on hiatus I am going to look for more opportunities to do that," says Bobadilla, who has deferred college for the moment but does plan to get her degree sometime in the future.


She'd love to be able to play roles in every genre, including "a sick comedy like '21 Jump Street,' but my mouth also waters at the thought of doing a Nicholas Sparks movie or a drama like the new Chris Pine movie 'People Like Us.' My goals are really simple: Do what makes you happy and go for it 100 percent, no matter what. Treat others he way you want to be treated, if not better. Learn something every day and simply be the best you can be, and the rest will come."




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