Chelsea Handler is in the unique and enviable position of having three television shows, “and we recycle on every set, I try to be as conscious as I can. All the people around me are environmentally conscious,” she reports, adding that one of her three dogs is a rescue.


Handler continues to host the weeknight E! talk show “Chelsea Lately” and take viewers behind the scenes of that show in “After Lately” on Sunday nights while playing opposite Laura Prepon as her own sister, Sloane, on the NBC comedy “Are You There, Chelsea?” “I don't feel bad about not playing myself. I'm relieved. I don’t have the time to play me. I feel like there’s enough of me to go around right now,” says Handler, adding that Prepon was the obvious choice to play her from the moment she walked into the casting session. “She’s very salty. A guy's girl. I like that about her. Direct and chill.”


She similarly raves about the oddball cast of characters on her E! shows. “I like to I like to surround myself with underdogs and make them cool and hip. I like to give people and opportunity to be on TV. Half the people that are on 'Chelsea Lately' never even wanted to be on television. They were just working in the art department or they were a writer.


I'd say my strongest quality is to see something in someone that they don't see in themselves. I pride myself on that because I'm not a camera hog. I don't care about that. I love having people succeed around me and I think that's why the show is successful.”


Having toured relentlessly while promoting her books, she has no plans to return to the road. “I didn’t have a day off for seven months. Doing three TV shows was like a break — I had the weekends off,” explains Handler. “Even if the NBC show doesn't work, I have two other shows. I'm in a pretty good situation,” she says, putting things in perspective. “I always have to say to myself that it's easy to b*tch about something or be annoyed about the way your arms look in a dress, but then I go, 'What the hell am I talking about? This is a pretty sweet life that I've designed.’”


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Chelsea Handler keeps three sets green, with a little help from her friends
Chelsea Handler juggles two E! shows and an NBC sitcom, and keeps it green on the set of each.