Have we finally taken the zombie craze a little too far? A chemist has now designed a cologne that will make you smell like the walking dead, reports CNET.

According to some versions of zombie lore, zombies only hunger for the flesh of the living. So, theoretically, a cologne that makes you smell like a zombie should act like a zombie-repellent. At least, that's the selling point of "Eau De Death," a fragrance envisioned by chemist Raychelle Burks at Nebraska's Doane College. It's all in the name of saving humanity from the zombie apocalypse.

The vile concoction is mostly a mixture of putrescine and cadaverine, two chemicals that our bodies give off when they're decomposing. Burks also proposes adding in a little methanethiol, which smells like rotting eggs, to round out the foul stench. The good news, explains Burks, is that these chemicals are so stinky that they are effective in parts per billion, meaning "we won't have to make a whole lot to save a whole lot of people."

Well, that's certainly one way of looking at it.

The chemicals should also be easy to produce. E. coli bacteria can be modified to produce all three of the chemicals in one putrid mixing pot. Burks explains the process herself in the following informational video:

"This cologne is an evasive method, which when coupled with zombie mannerisms (as seen in ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Shaun of the Dead’), would be effective in avoiding a zombie attack when moving among a zombie horde. One could also wear it when casually waiting out the zombie apocalypse so as not to attract the attention of a roaming horde of zombies," Burks told NBC News.

Burks has spent three years on the scent, really working to perfect the rotting corpse smell.

"If we’re really trying to mimic a corpse … we have got to get the smell down to perfection," she said. "Nobody wants to be the guinea pig that spritzes on the death cologne and realizes it doesn’t quite work."

What do you think? Is surviving the zombie apocalypse worth enduring the odors for?

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Chemist creates corpse-smelling cologne that could save you from the zombie apocalypse
Cologne with notes of rotting flesh might serve as a zombie-repellent, but it probably won't win you many dates.