“In my home life, I don’t use a lot of paper products, I changed out all my light bulbs and I don’t use a lot of heat, but that’s because I have a really high body temperature, so I sleep with the window wide open, and blankets,” says Christian Borle, who plays composer Tom Levitt on NBC’s “Smash.” On the set, “We had a big discussion because there weren’t enough receptacles around for our water bottles, and now there are more so there aren’t people lazily throwing things in the garbage.”

Tony winner Borle says his role is a perfect fit. “What makes it a joy is that I think he is a fundamentally kind person, so it makes it easy to come and step into that day after day and week after week,” he says, relating to Tom’s “sense of loyalty to his friends and also his ability to hold up a gentle mirror to his friends as well.”

In this week’s episode, Borle took the spotlight when Tom imagined a new opening number, a big MGM-style extravaganza, for “Bombshell.” “I had kneepads, but I had some bruises,” he says. “But the people that work the hardest are in the background. They were shooting all day long, 12 hours. I probably worked three of those hours.”

He has a real musical on his wish list. “Maybe in 20 years I’d love to do 'Sweeney Todd,' but I don’t think the world’s ready for that yet,” says Borle. “It’s my favorite.”

Christian Borle on saving energy and being in the spotlight
Star of NBC's 'Smash' talks about why his character, Tom, is so fun to play, even when he gets bruised on set.