Creating Christmas cheer is a cinch with these Christmas crafts for kids.

They’re all easy to do, require minimal supervision and will help get you and the children in the holiday spirit.

Coffee Filter Angel Ornament

What you’ll need: 3 basket-style coffee filters (unused, of course), 2 cotton balls, 6-8 inches of silver or golden ribbon, 1 white chenille stem, 1 gold chenille stem, scissors, and a glue gun (parental supervision).

How to make it: Place the two cotton balls in the center of one of the coffee filters to form the head of the angel. Pinch the filter together just under the cotton balls and then tuck the second filter into the pinched area to create a layered dress look. Take the ribbon and tie it around the “neck” of the angel in a tight bow to keep the cotton balls and the filers together. With the third filter, fold it in half and then fold it up length-wise, accordion style. With the white chenille stem, wrap the center of the filter and then fan out the filter to create the wings. Fold the extra bit of chenille stem into a loop for the ornament’s hanger. Finally, for the halo, loop the gold chenille stem around a small bottle cap, trim off any excess stem, and then, using the hot glue gun, paste the halo to the angel’s head and the wings to angel’s back.

Pinecone Christmas Tree

What you’ll need: A pinecone, green acrylic paint, paint brush, lid from a juice container, glue, sequins and glitter.

How to make it: Paint the pinecone with the green acrylic paint and allow it to dry. After drying, glue sequins and glitter to your heart’s content. Just be careful not to hurt your fingers on the pinecone. Glue to bottom of the pinecone to the lid to complete your new tree.

Food Gift Bag particularly good for cookies and muffins)

What you’ll need: a paper bag (we recommend white so it’s a bit more festive-looking, but brown will work just fine), acrylic paint in holiday colors (red, green, white (if using a brown bag), pale blue), paint brush, holiday themed foam stamps/sponges, white craft glue (or another holiday color), glitter in holiday colors, 6-8 inches of ribbon and a hole puncher.

How to make it: Using the hole puncher, punch a hole at the top of the bag (you’ll use the ribbon to tie the bag shut when you’re all done). Paint your foam stamps/sponges with the holiday color of your choice and apply to the paper bag. Only do one stamp/sponge at a time, allowing the pattern to dry before doing the next one. Fill in any gaps in the patterns with the paint brush. Sprinkle glitter onto your patterns. Using the craft glue, write the name of the person you’re giving the food to on the bag. Allow to dry. Wrap the food in wax paper or plastic baggies so grease spots don’t come through the bag, place inside the bag and then tie the bag shut with the ribbon in a nice bow.

Candy Train

What you’ll need: A roll of hard candy (ex., Lifesavers), 4 wrapped circular candies (ex., peppermints), a wrapped cube candy (ex., caramel), a chocolate kiss and a glue gun.

How to make it: Hot glue your circular candies to each side of each end of the roll of hard candy to make the wheels. Glue the cube candy on top of the roll of hard candy (either end is fine) and then glue the chocolate kiss on top of that to make the engineer’s cabin. This makes an excellent standing decoration or you can glue some sturdy chenille tem to the top to make it into an ornament.

Tin Can Santa Claus

What you’ll need: 1 empty and clean metal can (like for canned vegetables), white, pink and skin tone colored acrylic paint, a paint brush, 1 small to medium pink pom pom, 2 googly eyes, bag of medium to large cotton balls, 1 sheet of red felt, 1 sheet of white felt, white craft clue and a glue gun.

How to make it: Paint the entire can white. Paint a section of the can in the skin tone colored paint for the face. Take one cotton ball and stretch it out across the rim of the can to make Santa’s hair. Glue in place about a half inch below the rim. Take the white felt and with the hot glue gun, fold over the edges and glue in place at the ends. This will be the brim of Santa’s hat. Spread a bit of glue where Santa’s hair is and lay the red felt here (some felt should drape over the can, but that’s okay). Allow to dry. Now glue the white felt brim along the red hat. Allow this to dry. Tuck the red felt into a cone shape and hot glue the ends together. Using the craft glue, begin gluing the cotton balls all around the can, but be sure to leave enough room for Santa’s face. Glue the googly eyes and nose into place. Dab a cotton ball in the pink pant and apply next to the nose to give Santa his rosy cheeks.

Christmas crafts for kids
Creating Christmas cheer is a cinch with these Christmas crafts for kids. They're all easy to do, require minimal supervision and will help get you and the chil