Attention, all shoppers: There's a wedding on aisle 13.

After 10 years of dating, a Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, couple decided to get hitched in the the supermarket where they first met, even on the same aisle.

"It seemed to fit," the bride Becky Smith told the Valley News Dispatch. "It was truly just a joke at first."

Paper wedding bells

Smith was stocking shelves in 2008 when a customer approached her. He handed her a scrap of paper with his phone number and his name on it. Spiering had apparently been working up the nerve to ask Smith out for a while.

They knew after their first date that they were meant to be.

But after 10 years of dating, they decided it was time to tie the knot, and what better place than where Spiering finally got the courage to reach out?

So on April 1, Easter Sunday, the couple were married on the same aisle where they first met. Naturally, they waited until Smith finished her morning shift.

About 30 people attended the ceremony, including friends, family and loyal customers. Smith came down the aisle in a white dress holding an Easter bouquet, and Spiering wore his camouflage best with an Easter boutonniere. They exchanged vows under a paper wedding bell strung between the crackers and the snack cakes.

The customers in attendance included Janet and Tony DiGirolamo, who always did their best to get in Smith's checkout line.

"She's been our cashier here since we moved here 17 years ago," Tony told the Valley News Dispatch. "We talk every week."

April 1 wasn't their first choice, but it will help them remember all the important dates in their lives.

"We picked April 1 because April 2 is his birthday and April 3 is my birthday," Smith said. Spiering just turned 69, while Smith just turned 62.

The store's owner, George Thimons, was happy to have the wedding in his store, especially since Smith has worked there for more than 20 years.

"I was just glad she picked a day that wasn't super, super busy," he said while laughing. "We're glad to accommodate it."

The newlyweds held their reception at their home following the ceremony.

"It's just what we wanted — something nice and easy," Smith said.

They first met at the supermarket, so that's where they got married
Larry Spiering and Becky Smith got married in the Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, supermarket where they first met 10 years ago.