Playing best friends in the ABC Family movie "Cyberbully," premiering July 17, Emily Osment and Kay Panabaker are on the same page when it comes to eco-friendly practices. "I grow a lot of my own food — tomatoes, we have a lemon tree — and I compost. I'm a raw vegan so things have to be fresh. I don't waste food," says Osment. "I'm not nearly that healthy, but instead of throwing away things I don't need I donate them. I love to go shopping at the Salvation Army. You can find bargains, like the shoes I got for $20," adds Panabaker. "I love the Salvation Army," agrees Osment. "They have such great deals there."

In "Cyberbully," Osment plays a teenager who falls victim to online bullying. "While it's not based on a true story, it easily could be," she says. "It centers around my character, Taylor. She struggles at home; she comes from a broken home and is extremely insecure, and for some reason the girls at school target her for absolutely no reason. It's about her downward spiral. I end up bringing everybody down because they don't know how to handle it. My character is completely tormented and it's very sad. But it's also about the way to handle and not handle cyberbullying. It has a good moral."

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