A native of coastal Australia, where he grew up near a national park and marine reserve and where he surfs, builds surfboards and is keenly aware of conservation, Dustin Clare was surprised by the lack of that awareness on his first trip to the States. "I'd go to the ocean and pick up chip packets in the surf. That's not how we should respect our environment," says the "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" star, noting his country's environmental progressiveness when it comes to home building. "You have to have a water tank, and solar is taking over in a big way."

Clare trained seven hours a day for three weeks with "boot camp" workouts, sword training "and eating very little" to prepare for his role as gladiator Gannicus in the Starz series. "He's a very self-destructive character, with suicidal tendencies. He's always trying to escape his reality, and he does that through abusing things like alcohol in excess. But I think you're going to see a really nice journey through the six episodes. He has a great relationship with Oenonaus [Peter Mensah] and it's kind of the saving grace."

Clare also has a supporting role in a Fred Schepisi-directed film called "The Eye of the Storm," opposite Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis, due out later this year.

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